On Air 4-26: Interview with Twelve

My partner Tommy Karlsson and I was interviewed in the radio on Friday morning since we’re participating in a national wide musical contest called P4Nästa with my song Where I First Belong (the semi final of Blekinge is in Karlshamn on Östersjöfestivalen Friday 19/7) – Note: The interview is in Swedish.

Is it hard to sing a love song to somebody else’s wife?

Here is a link to an abstract:

Or you can listen to the full interview from here: https://sverigesradio.se/sida/avsnitt/1275576?programid=519&start=7949

The voting will start in the end of June so you’ll may hear about it more as we go and before that there I’ll be on air a few times, just as the music now and then.

You can find the song through http://tiny.cc/sm1902pre and If you want to follow the progress of the competition, follow us via facebook.com/studiomathisson


  • Lyrics/music: Rikard Mathisson
  • Vocals: Tommy Karlsson
  • Piano: Rikard Mathisson
  • Bass & Ebow: Mats Sjögren
  • Drums: Johan Olsson
  • Produced by: Studio Mathisson Productions

© 2019 Studio Mathisson Productions, All Rights Reserved

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Get inspired from piano music!

To my joy, my inspired ”Lake Improvisation” was just added to this inspirational play list. Hope you’ll find the inspiration through music just like I do. All the best /Rikard

Contest time: P4Nästa 2019!

It’s celebration moment!

It’s been a really hectic April so far with a lot of things going on in my start-up production company, and to me and my friend Tommy yesterday’s big news was that P4Nästa* have picked out my piano and voice singer/songwriter country/folk love-ballade Where I First Belong to be part of the regional semi finals which will take place in Karlshamn on July 19th this year. It’s a great song but Tommy’s voice is awesome and makes it stand out, and I’m so happy that our song got picked out amongst all the others! Yay!!

Read the full page and listen to the program here!

BUT it’s still more than two months before the voting sets in. Anyway, the preparations are in full speed – the starting field is great, and the competition is hard and long. So you will probably hear a lot about this the next two months or so on Facebook … but I’m still in the middle of starting up my long-lasting piano project, which I hope you all enjoy as much as I do. However this weekend there will be a break!

So let’s celebrate; Thanks Tommy for giving this song something extra! This will be a lot of fun! Share and follow facebook.com/studiomathisson for the progress. And now lets, have a relaxing weekend: Happy Easter!!

You can find the music here: tiny.cc/sm1902pre

*) P4 Nästa is a yearly occuring national song contest in Sweden with a lot of new music coming this way, in 2019 a total of 1260 songs was participating. In each county there is a regional final before the national final takes place and there can only be one winner. The winning song normally gains a lot or air time in radio and the songwriter may appear on the show in the national Eurovision Song Contest the year after.

Before Music – Improvisation!

In the beginning, man knew nothing of music, although there was noise of nature. And there was silence. Probably the silence inspired to the first attempts to make music, born from the human inner being. So then there was improvisation. And then music!

My next release ”Lake” is a step back to the origin of man. Finding the music in nature itself, I spent some time by a distant lake where there was no sound but my inner flow, on a beautiful winter day.

Hence, my next song is a piano improvisation piece, created from nothing and without any editing. Being true to the inner flow, just rec and play, and it became this ambient and beautiful piano solo piece.

Released 6 April, 2019 – Lake Piano Improvisation



This is Where I First Belong

Deep in my heart, I’m keeping you
Where’s no room for others than myself
You comfort me, here deep within
That’s where I go, when I’m blue

This time a beautiful ballade with vocals, piano and band; Where I First Belong – written to my dearest – a song about what it means when you let somebody in.

This song is released today, April 1st 2019 and is my contribution to be this year’s local radio contest ”P4Nästa Blekinge” but I’ll know more about that later. For now, enjoy Tommy Karlsson’s voice in ”Where I First Belong”!