You and I

This is our first single with full band, please enjoy <3

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Song Title: You and I
Written byAleco and Mathisson
Performed by: Aleco (vocal, guitar and drums), Mathisson (piano and programming), Mats Sjögren (bass)
Produced by: Studio Mathisson 2017 – All rights reserved
Mastering by: Justin Case Sounds AB
Cover image: Sverigefotografen




(c) Aleco and Mathisson 2017

I gave it up since you've been pushin' me away
I feel forgotten like a has-been friend
It's more or less impossible to find an answer
Even though my view is wonderful

One day I see growth inside, and I want to be a part...

You and I, being friends without making it strange at all...
You and I, makes impossible spread our love to everyone around

I will find it, struggle to come back again
Nothing can stop me, it's not a doubt
I've lived in misery for too long and I'm really tired of it
I find back to where I belong

You and I...


One day...

You and I...