When I Am Gone

When I Am Gone is a song is about our deepest fears; losing what you care for the most. There may be tears, we’ve had plenty by now, ’cause it’s just so darn beautiful… <3

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Song Title: When I Am Gone
Written and performed byAleco and Mathisson
Produced by: Studio Mathisson 2017 – All rights reserved




When I Am Gone
(c) Aleco and Mathisson 2017

I want you, (to) hear me out.
I don't know, how to ask.
I may leave, not coming back.
I won't see them anymore again.

Can I ask? This is my final wish.
I'm afraid, I don't know how I know.
I'm so sad, much I need you now...
When I'm gone, please take care of you and them, for me.

I don't know, how to ask you help me out.
I don't wanna tell a lie, but I don't want you to cry.
It may change, I may be cured and stay alive.
But if I don't, for me - when I can't say myself, 
when there's no words left to say; goodbye.

When I'm gone, will you say goodbye from me?
They may not, remember who I really was.
What went wrong, can't I get another life,
Be with you and our kids, where I don't have to let go?

I don't want to leave you now, with our kids - so young
There's still much to do - Live a life that's full!
All things I want, and to do with you
Will you say good bye from me?
And for you, will you say goodbye to me?
I will say goodbye to you.

Keep my heart, It will always belong to you
And for them, please let them know all my love!
When I'm gone, will you say goodbye from me?
They may not recall, who I was, what I did
And when gone, will you say goodbye from me?