Now it’s on: Release March 16!

The saddening look of an old abandoned piano, once loved but now forgotten – the image lingers in your mind; Seeing this will not leave many people untouched. This song is about this piano’s soul, it’s waiting to go home. It has no name, the sign of it’s maked have fallen off and noone knows where it came from. Hence, the song is named “Without a Name”, just as the story the music tells.


My minor is my major…

I now and then get the question about whether I can write a beautiful song with only major chords (since the minor’s leads to the sad soft spot I guess..). I guess my short answer is: ehm… nope!

– Why?

Well.. for me; in the sorrow lies the fragile and beautiful. That’s also where I thrive. 😉

The Producer; genres are lush…

As I said in the interview, most of the music that I both have produced and released the last two years is mostly piano centered pop in the style of Coeur de Pirate, or guitar centered in the style of Coldplay. But I’m beggining now to close the gap between written and released for the huge pile of piano tracks! They will soon be moved towards the playlists, hope you’ll be able to enjoy them soon…

ALL done so far is, and in the future WILL be present on my studio playlist “Studio Mathisson – So Far”. Follow it right away, and you’ll never miss out a new song from my studio! That’s a promise!