Release: Tonight or Tomorrow, Pro-Bono

We’re proud to announce that from today, Aleco and Mathisson’s next single “Tonight or Tomorrow” is available at the stores!

This single is dedicated to the victims and the survivors from the terror attack in Stockholm April 7 – All surplus go to the benefit of Brottsofferjouren – – and our hearts go to the victims and the survivors of the attack. May you all heal in due time in the way you can, you are not alone

Release: Piano Without a Name

I’m happy to announce that Mathisson’s 5-track debut album “Piano Without a Name” is now available from major streaming services and digital music stores world wide. So far available on: Google Play Music, iTunes Store, Apple Music and Spotify.

Please enjoy, and please help sharing to get the music played, that’s what it’s for! 🙂

Teaser for you without spotify: