And There Was Light…

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Brand New Day – Feb, 28

Upcoming: Brand New Day – Release date February 28th, 2020

Yoga, Relax, Meditative, Chill, Positive – Piano, Acoustic

This piano piece gets you relaxed and positive, the stress will pour a away as in a summer rain shower – leaving you focused and relaxed, but not consuming any energi to listen in. It works really well during stressful work or just to wind down for a moment. I had help from a reference group to get feedback and they are looking forward to this release, using this for Yoga and work! Even the cats fall asleep and “pours” out of the chair down onto the floor when they listen to this (true story!)

This is one of the tracks from the upcoming EP Breathing Underwater, release date March 20th, 2020. If you want to pre-save this EP right now, you can do it here:

Single: Brand New Day – Available from Feb. 28, 2020
Sonder House / Rikard Mathisson

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