Release: Tonight or Tomorrow, Pro-Bono

We’re proud to announce that from today, Aleco and Mathisson’s next single “Tonight or Tomorrow” is available at the stores!

This single is dedicated to the victims and the survivors from the terror attack in Stockholm April 7 – All surplus go to the benefit of Brottsofferjouren – – and our hearts go to the victims and the survivors of the attack. May you all heal in due time in the way you can, you are not alone

P4 Next finalist: Both me and my wife cried from the song

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It reflects the emotions I have for her in an intimate way

The first finalist in P4 Next (Swedish radio music contest) is a declaration of love to one half of the duo Aleco and Mathis’s wife. It was born through a collaboration on Facebook.

Five finalists will make up for victory in Blekinge finale of P4 Next to be decided on the main stage at the Baltic Festival in Karlshamn on July 21.

Rikard Mathisson from Ronneby and Alexander Georgopolus from Stockholm calls themselves Aleco and Mathisson. They found each other through Facebook when Alexander sought someone who could put the piano into his tracks. It just clicked and the song Erika’s Song was born.

– The song means a lot to us, especially for me. Erika is my wife. How it came about? You start with living together for 15 years. Then one day, the music was there. I followed the emotions what I feel for her and Alexander wrote the lyrics. When I heard it, I cried, it was purely fantastic, and my wife feels the same way. It reflects the feelings I have for her in a very intimate way, says Rikard Mathisson.

/Daniel Kjellander

Erika’s Song