Piano Comparison

It all began as a playful initiative to answer the question “can I switch my piano sound by re-using the same midi?”. Now it however have become rather more than that 😀

If you want to contribute or did you find some issues, read at the bottom of the page for further instructions.

This is not by any measure a scientific comparison, rather than a guide how different the sounds actually are. Or in some cases – how similar they are. The comparison was made by running the same MIDI file through all these gadgets and plugins, dry when possible, and normalised output – hence you can feel the different velocity in the various pianos.

Each track is credited to the contributor. Big thanks to all helpful people! We’ve done this pro-bono on our spare time, please remember that when you’ve found issues that would be nice to amend in the playlist 🙂

Best regards
/Studio Mathisson

Piano Comparison

Here is the comparison between a load of pianos; virtual as well as hardware keyboards/pianos/synths.

Contributor Instructions

  1. Download one of the below MIDI files
  2. Import it to your DAW/Sequencer
  3. Set the tempo to 160bpm
  4. Deactivate any effects but keep the natural ambience
  5. Make no other adjustments
  6. If hardware instrument, connect using MIDI and record the audio without any clipping
  7. Export the result to 44.1kHz 16bit (CD quality), make sure not to cut off any leading or trailing sound
  8. If you made several files, put them into a folder and zip
  9. Contact us for email and stuff, use the Contact form in the menu About Us/Contact above
  10. We’ll get back to you when possible, most likely within a few days

MIDI Files

For some keyboards and plugins the Nord Style MIDI does not work well, if you notice issues – then try using the Roland Style MIDI, but only then – otherwise you’ll may miss out some nice pedaling features on your equipment/plugin.

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